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ムック → YUKKE; I'm ready I am
nobuwa wrote in aseparate_peace
Is this community still active? I certainly hope so, because I feel like my undying love for A Separate Peace is.. strange :3

Anyway, it's nice to see some other people who share this, and as I'm super late coming in, I figured I'd post the little friending meme under the cut as an introduction:

aliases: My name is Sara, but I've had lots of nicknames over the years. One of my friends still calls me Peanut.
age: 21
birthday: February 3rd
domain: Pennsylvania

when did you first read a separate peace? It was was about a year ago. And I just reread it about a week ago. My sister hounded me for years to read this book, and when I finally did I knew why.

favourite character from a separate peace and why? Phineas. As a matter of fact, Phineas is my favorite literary character, ever. Connecting with a character when I read a book is so important to me, and I took to Finny so quickly and developed a love for him that might never be surpassed. Why? I think it was the way Gene spoke about him in the beginning of the book. His charm, the fact that he didn't have an ego even though he could have had a massive one. His childishness, his vulnerability. He was beautiful every way you looked at him. I love all of the characters, though. I would probably get a long swimmingly with pre-military Leper.

fandoms: I'm not really active in a lot of fandom, but I love a lot of random things like Harry Potter, Michael J. Fox, Michael Jackson, silent films and stars (Buster Keaton, Harold Lloyd.. etc), Avatar: The Last Airbender, hockey, Dexter, Robert Downey Jr., Hey Arnold!, Albert Einstien, Sherlock Holmes, Star Trek, Ghibli movies. And I'm very eclectic when it comes to music.

things you like: See above. I'm also very into Astronomy. Sky watching. Contemplating the universe. I love all things science. I also read a ridiculous amount, I'm never not reading a book. I love classic literature and off the wall books. Some of my other favorites are My Sweet Audrina, Solar Storms, We Have Always Lived In The Castle, all Sherlock Holmes novels and shorts, The Hitchhiker's Trilogy, and anything by Wally Lamb. I could go on, though.

things you can't stand: I really don't like people who think they've got it all figured out, and authors who pound out "novels" like it's nothing (James Patterson, Nora Roberts.. etc).

if you were stranded on a desert island, what three items would you bring with you? A satellite phone and two good books.

which character would you bring with you? I would need someone fun and interesting, someone that could be pretty talkative. Finny or Brinker.

anything else? I plan on doing a little fanfiction (maybe) and I'm working on a few other little projects, so I'll post that here in then near future. I start classes tonight, though, so that's priority (Yes, I need to get into Gene mode now :3).

And question: Has anyone else seen the Showtime movie they made for this a few years back? I finally watched it last night. I was kinda nervous about it, mainly because I didn't want my vision of the characters to change in my head.

It definitely could have been better, but I'll give it this; I liked the casting of all four main characters. I was surprised that I liked Toby Moore as Finny as much as I did.

By the way, I love making new friends. If we have things in common, please don't hesitate to friend me ♥


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