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[Kiki/Tombo] I Found
jiyu_chan wrote in aseparate_peace
I'm generally very lenient as a mod and might let a couple of things slide. But, so this won't *totally* be anarchist, I'll set a couple of ground rules.

o1. Play nice. This should go without saying. But don't beat other people down or start any name-calling. No wank, please. Be polite in general. Be nice when correcting someone. Keep drama on your own journals, don't start any here. We're all human, we have feelings.

o2. No Spam. This means no self-introduction posts, no promotion that doesn't have anything to do with A Separate Peace or John Knowles. When in discussion, don't post rude or vulgar comments (this kinda goes back to rule 1). Try to stay relevant to the community or subject matter. If necessary, I will try on moderated posting. Lets try to stay away from going to that shall we.

o3. Posting Etiquette. Labeling is required for posts concerning fanworks. This is to make things more organised. This information is never put under a cut. Here is a template:

Character(s) or Pairing(s):

PLEASE TRY AND USE TAGS WHEN POSTING! It helps us stay organised. Labelling the subject line in the post really helps us as well.

o4. When to Use a Cut. This will be when you have one or more of the following:
- When images are over 300x300. (I will make exceptions for a single banner at 500x500 min. if it is used to promote another community)
- When images are considered NSFW (Not safe for work). This includes sexually explicit or extremely violent/graphic pictures. Not all of us would like to see that.
- Videos
- Fanfics
- If a post is extremely long

o5. Regarding Icons. If posting more than five icons, please put it under a cut. Fanart icons are OK, but it is mandatory to credit/link the original artists if available. Scroll to the end of this post. It proves as a good example of how to credit another's art.

o6. Stealing/Plagiarising. If caught stealing/plagiarising another's work, your post will be deleted and you will be banned from the community. No second chances.

o7. When Posting Mature/Explicit Posts. When posting mature or explicit content matter, f-lock the community and put it under a cut. While tagging is optional, failure to comply with the f-lock and cut will result in your post being deleted and you will receive a warning. If you forget to do so, you will be given a head's up about it and you will be required to fix it within the next 24 hours. If you fail to comply, your post will be deleted.

o8. Respect the Mods. We don't expect you to worship us, but if you're found disrespectful, we'll cut you so hard... you'll wish we never cut you so hard. ♥

Play nice and have fun 'kay. After all, we're bound here by the same book, we can only hope to get along.


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